Data Structures & Algorithms


Algorithm Design Manual (Steve S. Skiena) (Files)
- Introduction to Algorithms (CLRS)
Algorithms in C (Robert Sedgewick)
Algorithm Design (Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos)
Programming Challenges (Steve S. Skiena and Miguel A. Revilla) 

[Data Structures]
- Stacks/Queues
Stack using array with overwrite (Algorithms in C)
Queue Implementation (Programming Challenges)

- Linked Lists
Singly Linked List (Algorithm Design Manual)

- Graphs
Graph with BFS/Queue and Connected Components Skeleton

- Math:
GCD and LCM of two numbers
Prime Factorization
Is prime?
Generating Primes using Sieve of Eratosthenes

- Search:
Binary Search
Merge Sort
- Quick Sort (Also qsort() in C)

- Sort:
Insertion Sort (Ref: Algorithm Design Manual)

- Dynamic Programming:
Kadane's Algorithm - Maximum Sub Array Sum

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